Bird Friendly County

Bird Friendly County, a new community education and action program of Bird Friendly Iowa, mobilizes citizens and public officials who know that birds are more than beautiful – they are an important part of a healthy ecosystem and critical to our quality of life. Story County is currently seeking designation as a Bird Friendly County. View the criteria for becoming designated as a Bird Friendly County.

On a global scale, birds are facing many challenges; fragmented habitats, exotic invasive species, sterile lawns, pollution and toxic pesticides, urbanization, and domestic predators are taking a toll on our bird populations. Story County is already doing good work in protecting and restoring valuable habitat, reducing threats to birds, and educating and engaging people in birding and conservation. By seeking designation as a Bird Friendly County, we are communicating that we recognize that birds benefit our environment, economy, and quality of life in Story County. This designation can inspire us all to consider ways to be bird-friendly in our daily and professional lives.   

Our application is currently under review. Download and read the full application here

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