Wastewater/Septic Information

Private Water System Regulations

All homes in Story County that are not connected to approved municipal, community, or group sewer systems are required to have private sewage disposal systems.

Any new construction or renovation projects that include the installation or alteration of wastewater generating facilities are required to aquire a permit and inspection to ensure proper system placement and sizing.

Story County's Treatment Regulations

This area of the Environmental Health Department website will explain specifics regarding wastewater treatment and septic tank issues including system descriptions and permitting topics. The following links may provide you with answers to common questions regarding wastewater treatment and septic questions:

If you need further information, please contact us.

Chapter 69 Regulations for the Construction of Private Sewage Disposal Systems

The Iowa Administrative Code (or IAC) 567-69 sets the State of Iowa wastewater regulations which are adopted by Story County and apply to construction of private sewage disposal systems. The IAC 567-69 is available to download in the Regulations section of our webpage. This IAC regulation document will be referenced in regards to any new private sewage disposal system installation or rehabilitation/upgrading of existing septic systems.